A look at the “Elohim-Echad-Yachid” Argument (31)

Question #31 – Is the “Elohim-Echad-Yachid Argument” in proving the our stand on the Trinity and the Deity of Christ correct and strong?  Answer:  It is not strong.  There are loopholes in the argument. This argument being the first one presented by many of our apologists in the churches of Christ appears to be the … Read more

The validity of The Plural Persons in Elohim (30)

Question #30 –  Some Bible teachers insist that the term ELOHIM is plural because of the “im” ending is plural, therefore, they conclude that when God said in Genesis 1:26, “Let us make man in our image” there are three persons speaking or involved in there.  Is this argument on the plural persons in the … Read more