Is Lord Jesus Christ God? 56

#56 – If our Lord Jesus Christ is indeed God, why did he say that angels nor the Son, but only the Father knew when the second coming of the Son would be as declared in Matt. 24:36?  This is the text from :  “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the … Read more

The Unity of Being God. 55

#55 – A certain denomination in the Philippines teaches that the unity of the Father and Christ in John 10:30, “I and the Father are one,” is only found in the action of shepherding, not in their unity of being God. How do we counter this claim?  Answer:  We will submit many passages that the … Read more

Can God and the angels become material or physical? (50)

Question #50 –  Can God become material or physical?  Can angels become material or physical?   Answer:  Definitely, a big YES. They did become or they did manifest in material or physical form. Hence the claim that Christ being God and that He became flesh is not an impossibility. We are going to present concrete events … Read more

A look at the “Elohim-Echad-Yachid” Argument (31)

Question #31 – Is the “Elohim-Echad-Yachid Argument” in proving the our stand on the Trinity and the Deity of Christ correct and strong?  Answer:  It is not strong.  There are loopholes in the argument. This argument being the first one presented by many of our apologists in the churches of Christ appears to be the … Read more

The validity of The Plural Persons in Elohim (30)

Question #30 –  Some Bible teachers insist that the term ELOHIM is plural because of the “im” ending is plural, therefore, they conclude that when God said in Genesis 1:26, “Let us make man in our image” there are three persons speaking or involved in there.  Is this argument on the plural persons in the … Read more

How does Apostle John prove the deity of Christ in his gospel account in relation to the Last Judgment? 26

Question #26 –  How does Apostle John prove the deity of Christ in his gospel account in relation to the Last Judgment?  Answer:  We resume the study on the deity of Christ Jesus based on the Gospel account of Apostle John.  The Last Judgment is the most awaited event in our history when all nations … Read more