Our Purpose

We started this paper (now a blog) in the late 1980s, but it was waylaid aside when other more pressing ministries intervened. Our main aim in coming out again is to help the great majority of our Kapatirang Pilipino answer oft-asked questions. It is my experience in my many travels around the archipelago that many in our kapatiran are unable to sufficiently answer some questions.

Many questions and answers will sound repetitious to preachers and serious Bible teachers, but to many common folks, these will be helpful. We shall also tell you about the work being done by evangelists and congregational leaders. Some reminders on church work will occasionally be included.

Please send us any news about your activities in your congregation. Other churches will be inspired to do additional things when they feel your programs are applicable in their respective localities.

We shall also feature the history of local congregations. So think of reconstructing the chronicles of the Lord’s work in your area.

If you have questions you would like to be discussed, please feel free to write to us at editor.wordministry@gmail.com.